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Entrées & Soups

The Soup Kettle € 4.75
Onion soup with French bread and grated cheese

Hangman's soup € 4.75
Very delicate tomato soup

Charlatan's soup € 4.75
Hearty mustard soup with pieces of bacon

Jester's soup € 4.75
Vegetable soup (vegetarian)


Horn blowing € 4.50
Grilled corn on the cob with honey and butter

Selby's wreaths € 6.90
Golden yellow onions rings deep-fried in a beer batter

Garland € 5.50
Devilishly nice potato skewer served with 2 sauces plus garnish

Lord High Chancellor of England € 7.90
A portion of marinated spare ribs

Gold brocade € 6.50
Nachos au gratin with a spicy sauce and sour cream

Brothers in Arms € 7.90
Little grilled prawn skewers with a delicate sauce

The Virgin of Toledo € 8.50
Quesedillas: tortilla wraps filled with chicken, tomato and melted cheese on a fresh salad

Minstrel € 7.90
Prosciutto with melon

Robin's starter's dish € 9.75 p.p.
A generous selection of starters including onion rings, spare ribs, nachos, king prawns and prosciutto with melon (2 persons minimum)


As a starter € 8.25

As Main course € 14.90

- lukewarm goat’s cheese with a honey & mustard dressing
- grilled chicken
- grilled fillet steak

Grill restaurant Robin Hood Drenthe
Steakhouse Drouwen Drenthe
grill restaurant drouwen


Own transport:

Robin Hood Ribhouse is easily accessible, both by car and by public transport. Our accommodation offers plenty of parking.

From Emmen / Borger

N34 Borger exit, direction Drouwen

From Assen, Groningen, Veendam:

via the Gieten roundabout on the N34, direction Emmen. Gasselte exit, direction Drouwen / Borger, the Drouwenerzand is located between Gasselte and Borger and is signposted, Robin Hood Ribhouse is right on the road.

Public transport:

Buses run directly from the NS stations in Emmen and Groningen to our main entrance: line 59, stop Drouwenerzand From the train station in Assen, take bus line 28-Stadskanaal to Gieten, change there to line 59-Emmen, stop Drouwenerzand. Robin Hood Ribhouse in Google Maps
Robin Hood Ribhouse | Gasselterstraat 7 | 9533 PC Drouwen Drenthe| Tel. 0599 - 56 48 25 |
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