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All main courses and steaks are served with potato salad and crudités at discretion. Please refer to our Extras card if you would like to order further side dishes.

Silver Arrow € 15.90
Fine-spiced panga fillet with Ardennes ham

The Grenadiers € 18.90
Fish quartet of cod, tilapia, panga and salmon fillet on stir-fried vegetables

Gaspard the Coppersmith € 18.90
Grilled salmon fillet with mussels and shrimps

Hugo van Barnsdale € 18.90
Grilled sea bass with sun-dried tomatoes and spring onions

The Wine Servant € 14.90
Fried ox liver with onions and bacon

Robin's Oak € 10.90
Three grilled pork fillets (pork collop)

Eleanor's Rib Roast € 14.90
Large, tender fine-spiced cutlet

The Conspirators € 17.90
Spiced pieces of pork tenderloin on a skewer with sweet peppers and bacon

The Outlawed Singers € 15.90
Delicately marinated spare ribs

The Outlawed Singers (KING SIZE) € 23.90
Extra-large portion

The Archbishop of Canterbury € 15.90
Three grilled chicken fillets on stir-fried vegetables

Please note
Our grill master uses coarsely ground pepper in our dishes. If you would prefer this to be omitted, please let us know.

Clang of Arms € 15.90
3 grilled chicken fillets with a skewer of mushrooms, sweet peppers and pineapple

St. Mary € 17.90
A combination of round steaks and chicken fillets with stir-fried mushrooms, onions and sweet peppers

The Sheriff € 17.90
Several pieces of meat (pork fillet, chicken fillet, steak) threaded onto a skewer with onions, sweet peppers and bacon

The Butcher of Sherwood € 16.90
A mixed grill of steak, pork fillet, chicken fillet and spare rib - approximately 400 grams

For true meat lovers € 28.50
King-size portion


Mildred the Kitchen Maid € 13.90
Three grilled steaks (240 grams) with herb butter

The Slowest Goat Rider € 16.90
Pieces of fillet steak, finished with ham, asparagus, tomato and Camembert

Much the Bowman € 18.90
Two fillet steak medallions with fried onions, mushrooms and bean sprouts

The Abbess of Astelot € 20.90
Two fillet steak medallions with grilled king prawn skewers

The Sword of the Bailiff € 24.90
Very tender fillet steak with garlic-fried mushrooms

Guy of Gisborne € 14.90
Outstandingly tender 200 gram calf ribeye

Black Barbara € 22,50
King-size 400 gram sirloin steak

King Alfred € 25.50
500 gram T-bone steak

Richard the Lionheart € 29.50
Super 750 gram ribeye steak

Who dares? 1 kilo portion... € 35.00


Hood Burger € 15.90
A generous, tasty 250 gram burger made with free-range Drenthe beef with a generous topping including bacon, cheese, salad, tomato and pickles


The Doncaster Steward € 15.90
Tortillas filled with a spicy quorn and vegetable ragout

Hunting-horn € 16.90
Stuffed sweet peppers with stewed vegetables, mushrooms and basmati rice, finished with French cheese


€ 14.90

A generous main-dish salad featuring a choice of:

  • lukewarm goat’s cheese with a honey & mustard dressing
  • grilled chicken
  • grilled fillet steak


Click here for the children’s menu

Grill restaurant Robin Hood Drenthe
Steakhouse Drouwen Drenthe
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Own transport:

Robin Hood Ribhouse is easily accessible, both by car and by public transport. Our accommodation offers plenty of parking.

From Emmen / Borger

N34 Borger exit, direction Drouwen

From Assen, Groningen, Veendam:

via the Gieten roundabout on the N34, direction Emmen. Gasselte exit, direction Drouwen / Borger, the Drouwenerzand is located between Gasselte and Borger and is signposted, Robin Hood Ribhouse is right on the road.

Public transport:

Buses run directly from the NS stations in Emmen and Groningen to our main entrance: line 59, stop Drouwenerzand From the train station in Assen, take bus line 28-Stadskanaal to Gieten, change there to line 59-Emmen, stop Drouwenerzand. Robin Hood Ribhouse in Google Maps
Robin Hood Ribhouse | Gasselterstraat 7 | 9533 PC Drouwen Drenthe| Tel. 0599 - 56 48 25 |
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